August 2019

Erwin Hauer Exhibition
"Still Facing Infinity"
The Tectonic Sculptures of Erwin Hauer
Rudolph Hall, Yale School of Architecture
August 29th - November 16th, 2019

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January 2018

Yale Alumni Magazine

In Remembrance: Erwin Hauer ‘57 ArtS
Students, colleagues and friends please post your remembrances here

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September 2012

BicBanco, São Paulo, Brazil
Design 5 (1956), cast gypsym cement  |  two screens 34 x 8 ft and 25 x 8 ft  |  architect: Kiko Salomão

June 2012

Museum of Modern Art, New York
acquires a section of Design 5 (1956) 4 inch scale, as used in offices of LOOK magazine in New York, about 1960

November 2010

Cobogó House, private residence in São Paulo, Brazil
Design 1 (1950), cast stone | architect: studio mk27, marcio kogan | photo Nelson Kon

September 2010

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Design 210, MDF special | extensive screening on four floors | architect: Foster+Partners

May 2010

Undisclosed Client, Washington DC.
Design 401 (1966) bas-relief, multi-module pre-assemblies of sprayed-up FRG | digitized 2010, courtesy Frank Gehry Technologies | five stories high stairwell | architect: Studios Architecture

April 2010

Patton Boggs Law Offices, Dallas TX
Design 210, 12 inch module, FRG within precast panels | architect: Christopher Goggin, Gensler, Dallas

July 2009

Millennium Partners, L.P.
666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103 | Design 210, MDF, 3 screens 8x10 ft.

January 2009

Design 1 (1950) and Design 5 (1956) featured
at the Standard Hotel, installed in the lobby and on the roof, respectively. 848 Washington Street, NYC

December 2008

Hall of Fame of Interior Design magazine
Erwin Hauer inducted into the Hall of Fame of Interior Design magazine


September 2008

Design 1 (1950) in Elie Tahari’s Manhattan fashion design studio
an 8 ft by 46 ft wall installed in the building designed by Gordon Bunshaft, 5th Ave and 43rd Street

August 2008

(Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) Los Angeles, CA, Invitational exhibition and Panel presentation by Enrique Rosado, sponsored by Autodesk

June 2008

Design 201 (2004) and Design 110 (2004) at NeoCon 2008
retained in showroom of Knoll, Inc., Chicago Merchandise Mart. Originally installed for NeoCon 2006, the screens were retained for the NeoCon 2008 refurbishment.

October 2008

The H Hotel in Midland, Michigan
installed 201 (2004) in the lobby. This is said to be the only five star hotel in the state.

November 2008

Included in Blaine Brownell. Transmaterials 2
New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2008

May 2008

Yale University Art Gallery acquires Continua screens
Yale University Art Gallery acquires two Continua screens for their permanent collection

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June 2007

Paperback edition of Erwin Hauer Continua published
by Princeton Architectural Press, New York, (hardcover May, 2004 is sold out)

March 2007

Design 306 (2004) installed at Centria
Centria is a new residential high-rise at 18 W. 48th Street, opposite Rockerfeller Center Plaza, New York. An indoor/outdoor bas-relief wall, 25 ft high x 40 ft wide.  CNC-cut Indiana limestone. Architect: Phillip Koether Architects.

June 2006

Design 201 (2004) and Design 110 (2004) at NEOCON 2006
showroom of Knoll, Inc., Chicago Merchandise Mart. Designer: Karen Stone

May 2006

Included in: Charlott Fiell and Peter Fiell, editiors. domus 1928-1954
The quintessential works of Modernism. Kln: Taschen Verlag GmbH, 2006 volume III 1950-1954, pp.426 and 564

April 2004

Erwin Hauer: Continua
Princeton Architectural Press, New York 2004